Bringing Edmonds into iPod age

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Hungry university students pleading for help inspired a group of New Plymouth Girls’ High School pupils to come up with something useful.

The year 12 Young Enterprise group has started, a website where family recipes are available for download on to MP3 players that clueless cooks can then listen to on head phones as they cook.

“It actually started because some of us have brothers and sisters at university who are ringing home all the time for step-by-step instructions on how to cook,” iCook spokeswoman Caitlin Radich said.

Although parents might see this as an annoying part of having their kids out of the house, the girls recognised it as an opportunity to start a business.

Their MP3 recipe download website iCook already has numerous corporate supporters and Miss Radich is confident the idea has potential to turn a profit.

As well as helping hapless tertiary students feed themselves, food and nutrition teacher Colleen Horne believes it has the potential to be a valuable teaching resource.

“A lot of students can be quite intimidated to read a recipe but can be better at listening to it,” she said.
Enterprise Studies teacher Kim Jennings was also a firm believer in the idea.

“It’s very authentic for young people today because they are using technology in so many aspects of their life. To use it to encourage them to cook, well that seems to be a great thing to do.”

Talia Gall, 13, said listening to a recipe was better than reading one.
“You can just pause it and wipe it down if you spill something on the player,” she said of her iPod. “Just like a recipe book.”