Carinnya and friends leave a legacy for future

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CARINNYA FEAUNATI is one leader who will forever leave her legacy at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. 

As this year’s head girl, 18-year-old Carinnya was part of a group that spent countless hours fundraising for the school ball.

And when the ball came in well under budget, it was Carinnya and her friends who decided rather than blowing the money on themselves they would leave it for future students.

The girls created a scholarship with the leftover cash, named after their year, to be given to a student who shows unusual diligence in her studies in Year 13.

‘‘It’s not necessarily for the

Accounting, Emma Crowe; Art, Sophie Collier; Drama, Renee Brockie; Economics, Bridie Poppelwell; English, Emma Crowe, Sophie Collier, Helen Poole, Hannah Klenner, Megan Hills; French, Cervante´e Wild; Geography, Shae Vickers, Ashleigh Fromont; Graphics, Morgan Hancock; History, Bridget McLay, Emelia French; Home Economics, Emma Noakes; Mathematics, Megan Van Der Poel, Ashleigh Fromont, Bridie Poppelwell, Ruth Monk; Religious Studies, Niamh Matthews, Cervante´ e Wild, Helen Poole, Emma Bradley; Music, Bridget McLay; Physical Education, Bianca Gous; Science, Ashleigh Fromont, Cervante´e Wild, Ruth Monk; Text and Information Management, Ashleigh Brewer. smartest or the best in the class but for the person who strives to be their best,’’ Carinnya said.

‘‘We could have done anything with the money but we just decided it would be best-suited to a scholarship. It’s our legacy.’’

The girls hope the interest on the money they raised will be enough to give each winner about $500 in prizemoney.

Carinnya said all the girls felt privileged to be able to create such an award.

‘‘It really is a credit to the girls. It’s amazing that I got the chance to decide on it as well,’’ she said.

In her role as head girl, Carinnya said she had many amazing opportunities during the year, including meeting the governor-general.

It also gave her the opportunity to apply for a number of scholarships, including the $25,000 Keystone scholarship she won to attend architecture school at Victoria University next year.

The award money will pay for the course tuition fees, as well as provide her with a fourth-year mentor to help get her through the gruelling architecture course.

Carinnya said she knows architecture will be tough, but it doesn’t bother her – she is used to being busy, and this year sang in a choir and played both netball and basketball as well as completing five Level 3 subjects.

‘‘I can’t not be doing something, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!’’ she said.

Architecture will be a fouryear course, with a cut-off after the first year.