Nick wins on borrowed guitar

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THE 2009 winner of one of Taranaki music’s most important scholarships earned his $10,000 performing with a borrowed instrument. 

Classical guitarist Nick Price, 19, was judged the best at a recital at TSB Showplace on Monday evening to win the 11th annual Muriel May scholarship.

The scholarship gives musical youth of Taranaki an opportunity to win $10,000 to further their studies, and is open to musicians under 21 who are able to to perform to a high standard in a classical/fine music style.

Nick has returned from his first year in the New Zealand School of Music at Wellington’s Victoria University, and had to borrow a guitar to perform on the night.

‘‘I would really like to thank Owen Moriarty for lending me the guitar I played, it was really a lifeline. He just said out of the blue ‘borrow this’.’’

He will use the money to get himself a ‘‘high level’’ guitar for the future.

‘‘The guitar I played last night [Monday] I had to borrow because I didn’t have a real good one of my own.

‘‘That was worth $9000 and it wasn’t even top range, that’s the folly of musical instruments.’’

The former Francis Douglas Memorial College student is majoring in a solo guitar performance degree at the school, and loved his first year.

‘‘It was really awesome, just to get among like minded people, there’s not too much of a young person’s following for classical guitar in New Plymouth.

‘‘Matthew Marshall is there, he’s been my tutor this year. He’s probably New Zealand’s foremost classical guitarist.

Nick started guitar as ‘‘a bit of a metal head’’ with his mates in school, before switching to classical and taking formal lessons with Ross Townsend for three years. Buoyed by this scholarship success, his sights are set high.

‘‘I would really love to record a CD, hopefully before my degree’s finished, that would be awesome.

‘‘I definitely want to do honours after I complete the undergraduate degree.

‘‘It’s not set in concrete yet but I’m looking to overseas for postgraduate, there’s quite a few good places in London, and Australia.’’