Scholarship winner has local links

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A doctor with Taranaki ties was one of 12 people to receive a prestigious AMP Scholarship in Auckland last week. 

David Bourke, 28, whose parents live in Stratford, will use the scholarship to fund another trip to Tanzania in Africa where he has carried out volunteer medical work in the past.

“I suppose it is something I will do once every couple of years,” he said of his work in Tanzania. “The general reward of helping people as a doctor is a fundamental reason of why I do it. You feel like you are doing a lot with the skills you have when you are over there whereas sometimes in New Zealand you aren’t sure if you have made much of a difference at the end of the day.”

While currently committed to a three-year programme of study in Auckland to become a specialist (although as yet undecided exactly in what) Dr Bourke sees Taranaki as a possible option when finished.

“I always try to get home for holidays and would like to work somewhere smaller once I am finished here. You get fed up with the traffic and the hustle and bustle. I’d like to be in a community where you can walk down the street and know some of the people you see.”

Each year AMP distributes about $200,000 in scholarships. Auckland film-maker Briar March and Wellington power system engineer Paul Burnaby received the premium awards of $30,000 and $20,000 respectively.